What 5 Things Do Americans Really Want Out of Healthcare? | Patriots4Health

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    Whistling in the dark. They want everything. What is this about social services??? Mental health also? This has been tried to a degree in the military and the VA. It is difficult to visualize much success in a one stop shop. You would have to have ten of thousands of primary doctors to even remotely accomplish this. Any major government program intrusion into current health/medical care would have more doctors leave, retire, or go into private special practice on retainers only. that would leave nurses, PAs , and lower level medical personnel seeing people and making uneducated decisions. the number of patients would never end. I have see this in public hospitals and the VA, people waiting forever. Managed healthcare maybe be good for some, but it is difficult to be a part of that. I as a senior need specialist not so much primary care.


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