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    Melissa Jennings

    Personally, I applaud the Japanese dealing with this as a mental problem that shouldn’t be crammed down the throats of the extreme majority of its citizenship! It’s confusing enough for adults and has far reaching problems for children of Transgender parents, particularly if the parent(s) have not undergone full transitional surgery & consistent hormone therapy. Children are our future and deserve the best possible start in life which does not include such close exposure to members of the LGBT…community. Growing up is hard enough without the shame children of these people unfairly place upon them. I truly wish all governments took this same stance. I don’t care at all what an adult does/does not due to their body or what they do in the privacy of their homes & bedrooms but I draw the line when children are involved. I’m not religious in the least so don’t think that my opinion is based on religious beliefs. I’m a pragmatist about all things, including this. Far too many people of the LGBT community commit suicide & the number of Transgender suicides is especially troubling. Why would anyone subject children to the potential suicide of a parent? That leads to children thinking that it their fault – “If only I had been better behaved or if I received better grades or won more awards, maybe they wouldn’t have wanted to leave me by killing themselves” or the most often response of “They didn’t love me enough to stay, did they ever really love me? Does anyone love me? Will anyone ever love me?”. These children are well documented to have trust issues, commitment issues, fear of having their own children on top of general confusion over Transgenders and the LGBT community to begin with when gender comes into question at a very young age. You will receive no assistance from me on this issue because as stated previously, I draw the line when children are part of the equation.


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