Dangerous Super Bacteria Spreading

They are called “Superbugs,” but there is nothing heroic about them, in fact, they could be deadly! According to a recent report by federal health officials, bacteria that are highly resistant to almost all antibiotics are spreading across... Read more

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How We Tell Smells

The nose knows. What things smell like, that is. But, much like the end of your nose, the ability to detect and identify odors is one that is often overlooked and taken for granted. Yet, think about life without scents – it would be s... Read more


The Secret Life of a Towel

Be honest, how often do you wash your towels? Once a week? Maybe every four days? It’s okay, you can admit it. You’re in a safe space – no judgment. Likely, you’re as guilty as the rest of us for not washing them on a daily basis. I mean, what is... Read more